CBS: Parents with Alzheimer's may be passing abnormal brain changes to kids


Patients with Alzheimer's may be passing abnormalities on to their children. Learn more about our research on Alzheimer's risk and prevention. "If your mom and dad had Alzheimer’s, a new study suggests you might already have early signs of the brain-destroying disease. Researchers took brain scans of people, and found those who had both biological parents diagnosed with the disease were more likely to have evidence of disease risk -- including the telltale protein plaque buildup -- on their brains decades before symptoms might show up. “Studies show that by the time people come in for a diagnosis, there may be a large amount of irreversible brain damage already present. This is why it is ideal that we find signs of the disease in high-risk people before symptoms occur,” study author Dr. Lisa Mosconi, a psychiatry professor at the New York University Langone Medical Center, said in a statement."

Kevin Slavin